The Scientific Areas considered at the Workshop, according to which the presentation and debate sessions will be organised, are the following ones:

  • Human Resources and Customer Service in Tourism and Hotel Management;
  • Marketing and Sales in Tourism and Hotel Management;
  • Management of Hotel Operations;
  • Competitiveness of the tourist destination;
  • Enotourism and Gastronomy Tourism;
  • Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hotel Management;
  • Marketing Strategies in Tourism and Hospitality;
  • Nature Tourism and Sustainable Tourism;
  • Georeferencing of Tourism Resources and Geographic System of Tourism;
  • Territorial planning, Regional Development and Tourism Economy;
  • Tourism and interpretation of Cultural Heritage;
  • From the Grand Tour to Post-Tourism – Tourism historical evolution;
  • Rural and Urban Tourism;
  • Gastronomic Tourism
  • Role of public administration and local government in the development of tourism
  • E-tourism and new market segments;
  • Tourism and hotel management legislation and the role of public authority in tourism;
  • Hygiene and Safety in Tourism and Hotel Management;
  • Positive and negative impacts of tourism
  • Contemporary Trends in Tourism and Hotel Management.

Other areas might be considered and integrated on the Workshop Program. We accept both empirical and theoretical works in Portuguese, English and Spanish. The sessions will be organized according to the researchers' linguistic preferences.